2013. február 5., kedd

A Giraffe, Some Polka Dots And An Owl

Well, this time not on one card but I'd be fun to try making a scene of these all tree. :) I'll do 3 posts in total, so stay tuned!

Have you heard about it?

Polly's turned 12!

I made this card for my little cousin and this ends the circle (I also made her a DIY notepad and a gift box for it, see my previous posts). This was the first time I used my new PS sets, I just love them, they're of great quality!


3 megjegyzés:

Unifyhandmade írta...

So cute!!! I love it :-)

aaga írta...

Thanks. :)

Virginia L. írta...

How SWEET!! Perfect window card, Aaga!