2014. február 19., szerda

Cinnamon Bag + Some Get Well Wishes For My Godfather

I got this for my bday from D. He gave a coupon to me because he couldn't decide amongst them (hehe). And then we went together to the shop. I love it so much. It's compact enough so that I won't walk like a grumpy old woman in the end of the day. If I have more stuff, I'll put them into one of my textil bags. Perrrfect.

And this one is a mini card I created for my godfather. He got into the hospital a week ago. And it seems that he and us will have to be very patient, it can take at least a month till he'll be okay from every aspects. :-/ I'm so sorry for him, I know how much he wanted to be at my wedding... and he's not even old or something, only 53 this year.

So I created  a mini card for him (with brushes since he's a painter) so that it fit on his tiny table or into one of its drawers or maybe as a bookmark. The main thing is that it's small and he can have a peek at it any time. There's also a little smile in the lower right corner of the card in pale tomato, which I forgot to take a pic of...

And since it's Anything Goes at PaperSmooches again, I'm entering it into that challenge.

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Rachel Izakowicz írta...

What a lovely little card - those paint brushes look great! A really lovely idea as well. Thanks so much for playing with us at Paper Smooches Sparks.