2012. október 9., kedd

A Forgotten Kick Start Homework

I forgot to post this card earlier. Yet it is my favourite card currently. I love the colours and elements  (aqua washi tape and button, I love you!) and that it is so small (like me, hee hee). The main inspiration was the embossed flower cut into parts from Sue McRae's card. I loved her white embossed pattern on the distress inked (?) background but I don't have any distress inks or markers so I decided to use a faded red patterned paper.
(The card is straight but in the photo it seems not to be. lol)

I sooo wanted to share this card, even though I didn't find any suitable challenges for it this time. :)
Thanks for stopping by! :)

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Iva Kirilova írta...

I was missing your cards!! This one is sooo nice! Love the colors, the round corners and the idea of cutting the flower in four has very nice result!

aaga írta...

Aaaaaw, thank you, Iva! :))