2012. szeptember 20., csütörtök

Kick Start Homework – Day 3-4

This is my second homework for the Kick Start class. I have to be quick now, because I'm posting this from work and in the evening we're going to an outdoor concert where I'll freeze to death. lol So the 2nd lesson gave me the idea basically, to turn to my old scraps or elements that I put away for better days. :) I stamped and water-coloured this platypus some months ago when my Lawn Fawn Down Under set arrived including this funny creature. After doing it I didn't have any clue how to finish it so I put it away. But I was sure I wanted use it some day! Then, also because of the class, I started to digging through my little stash for elements I haven't used or have long forgotten about. And found these wooden clips I wanted to use so much! I love how this simple birthday card turned out to be. It is for my best friend's birthday and says 'In a couple of years...' and goes on inside like 'you'll look like this creature!' Lol I'm pretty sure she'll love it and can't wait to see her face when she gets it.

Unfortunately, I only have a craft corner and a very little stash so I cannot post an organizational pic here about my craft room/shelves/cupboards (yet) but I'm loving all the ideas for future reference at the class.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Iva Kirilova írta...

Haha soooo fun!! Very good idea to use the forgotten stuffs. Your friend will like It for sure!!