2014. április 18., péntek

The Little Chickling

I saw this technique at Christine Drogt's blog (yeah, it did tickle my mojo, Christine) and I felt instantly that I had to make a card like this for our soon-to-be godson (in July to be exact). Soooo damn cute!

I kept its outside pretty simple, as Christine did, covered what needed to be covered (you'll see what I mean in my next photos) and stamped and coloured only two itty-bitty butterflies.

Then all the cuteness comes inside. As my previous attempt had too many flowers outside and they were to be seen also inside, I stamped only two butterflies this time and stamped and coloured them at the exact same places inside again.

I wanted to highlight the little chickling and I imagine my friend's 7-month old little fella will be as suprised as this little creature. :) That's why it's standing in the foreground.

Have a joyous Easter everyone!

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