2014. január 27., hétfő


Yay, I got mentioned on Paper Smooches again! :-) Besides this, I hope also my next card proves that I'm on a roll ... maybe a sign for bigger plans? Hehehe. Once we're done with this wedding thingy. ;–) Anyway, the main idea came from last week's CASE Study no. 157 card by Donna Mikasa.

But I've always been in love with pastels and looks like it's gonna be super-trendy this year again, so this might be my year of card trends. LOL Oh, and stencils! I bought a pack of basics one last summer in Maastricht as I wanted to learn this technique...and then I hardly used them. And now they are back in fashion, as well. :-) I used a striped stencil with inks and one with hearts and heat embossing here.

And I shouldn't forget about the tissue paper and thread thingy either. Perhaps I use the word 'thingy' in this post a lot, eh? But I couldn't resist using some enamel dots thingy either to balance things out in the lower right corner.

Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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Laura Davis írta...

Lovely card!

aaga írta...

Thanks, Laura! :-)